MAY 2019


5/25: LA Goat Crawl: Forest Bathing + Foraging with Goats

3-5:30 pm
Burbank foothills
Forest bathing, or shinrin yoku, is the practice of relating with nature via specific invitations that engage your senses directly with natural elements and experiences. This practice helps to deepen one’s embodiment and strengthen and build tools one can use to better cope with stress, realign priorities and engage with one’s body, mind and purpose. The experience begins with a guided meditation where we still ourselves and find our place in nature. Then we embark on a series of invitations where one engages with various elements present on that day. Friendly goats will journey through the invitations with us, modeling for us ways in which we can more directly enter into communications with and sharpen our senses in relationship to the natural world. At the end of the practice, we gather for a sampling of handcrafted foraged foods accompanied by a tea infusion created from the plants around us. Our caprine friends will join us for a very special tea ceremony, supping from the treasures we bring back with us from our walk.

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JUNE 2019

6/5: Lecture: Tasting the Wild

Malibu Garden Club. Malibu, CA, 9:30am
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6/8: Herbal Elixirs + Medicine Making Workshop

Spend the afternoon working with herbs to create an array of healing plant extractions including tea blends, tinctures, infusions, decoctions, and double-extracts. We will also dive into how to create medicinal herbal fermented drinks, elixirs and liqueurs to have on hand all year long. Each student will go home with an array of their own handcrafted herbal products. All quality materials will be provided.

This is a great introduction to practical home and family herbalism techniques, but also a full immersion for home chefs and bartenders—anyone wanting to add a medicinal herbal twist to drinks and foods. The workshop will consist of two hands-on sessions where we will concoct and brew with medicinal herbs (and mushrooms too!) with a short break in between.

During these two afternoon sessions we will also be learning best practices and preservation methods of our herbs so that we can preserve our harvests and utilize their greatest potential.

Learn, hands-on:

• Best Harvesting, Drying and Storage Methods
• Herbal infusions
• Decoctions
• Tinctures
• Glycerites
• Oil and Vinegar Macerations
• Double Extractions
• Mushroom Extractions
• Herbal Syrups
• Herbal Liqueurs & Cordials
• Fermented Sodas & Brews
• Mead

After the workshop, you are invited to the Herbal Apothecary Bar, to enjoy a selection of mixed herbal drinks and snacks handcrafted by herbalist forager and chef Jess Starwood.

June 8th 2019
1-5pm (herbal happy hour 5-6pm)

SunRaven Apothecary
Thousand Oaks, CA
(Exact address will be emailed to you after registration)

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forest-table-solstice6/21: The Forest Table, a 10 Course Wild Food Dining Experience: Summer Solstice

Join us for an intimate wild food dining experience in the Santa Monica Mountains among the oak trees at sunset on the summer solstice.

Friday June 21, 4:00pm-7:00pm, Westlake Village, California

The evening begins with a light beverage and welcome in the old western style saloon. Once all guests have arrived, we will embark on a 30-40min brief but informative plant walk around the property to get an introduction, sense of place, and an idea of what plants may be on their plate.

An 8 course plant-based meal will be served, featuring seasonal local wild foraged foods. (Any other ingredients that are not wild foraged will be sourced from organic local farms)

Herbal and wild fermented drink tastings will be paired throughout the meal.

$150 per guest, all food and drinks included
Limited to 12 guests


6/22: Workshop:
Tasting the Wild
@ DisclosureFest Mass Meditation Initiative 2019

Los Angeles State Historic Park
1245 North Spring Street
Los Angeles, CA 90012
More details and RSVP with DisclosureFest

JULY 2019

7/5: Tasting: Apothecary Bar

Horse & Plow Tasting Room, Sebastopol, CA
Details and registration coming soon.

Screen Shot 2019-02-12 at 6.47.39 PMPRIVATE EVENTS & CLASSES:

If you are interested in a private class, workshop, interpretive plant walk or hike, wild food and drink tasting or private dinner, please contact me directly for details: