WinterPlantWalk21/6: Winter Plant Walk: Exploring Local Wild Greens & Mushrooms

Cold Creek Trail, Calabasas, 2:00-4:30pm, $25 REGISTER HERE
Enjoy a casual walk through the wild to learn about our local edible and medicinal plants, with an emphasis on the new sprouts of greens and mushrooms that the rains have brought—a forager’s delight! On the trail, we will discuss:

• the ethics of foraging and wildcrafting
• plant identification
• medicinal use of plants
• mushroom hunting
• gourmet applications of wild foods
• the resilience of wildlife after the recent wildfires

Unlike most of my classes, there will not be a formal wild food tasting at the end of this walk. We may enjoy some light wild beverages if time allows, but please consider join me at the end of the month for my usual wild food tasting event.

sunsethike-eventbrite1/20: Wild Medicine: Edible + Medicinal Plant Walk & Wild Food Tasting

Topanga State Park, 2:00-5:00pm, $45 REGISTER HERE
Join your local herbalist, plant-based chef and forager Jess Starwood for a guided tour to explore the vibrant healing plants in our local environment. We will identify the plants and mushrooms we encounter and discuss their medicinal uses and culinary applications. Afterwards, enjoy a five course wild food and drink tasting with this season’s freshest wild ingredients. Limited to 15 participants.


TastingTheWild-FB.png2/9: Tasting The Wild: Foraged Flavors of Local Plants and Mushrooms

10:00am-3:00pm. Ojai, CA.
Check out the event listing here for more information or go to to register

FlavorsoftheForest.png2/16: Flavors of the Forest: An Exclusive 12 course Wild Food Experience with Jess Starwood + Pascal Baudar

12:00-3:00pm. Los Angeles, CA. Details and registration:

plantwalkPRIVATE EVENTS & CLASSES: If you are interested in a private class, workshop, interpretive plant walk or hike, wild food and drink tasting or private dinner, please contact me for details: